Gesso and Steel

Opening night Friday, March 6th 2015

The group exhibition, Gesso & Steel, features the artists, Jordan Acosta, Chalice Bartsch-Bailley, Anthony Gelfand, Chelsie Liberati, and J. Carlos Valdez. The main themes of this exhibition are portraiture, abstraction, and installation works. Acosta experiments with multiple layers of printing techniques to create an abstract composition. The colorful work of Bartsch-Bailley is created by pouring multiple layers of paint combined with various water temperatures onto raw canvas. Gelfand uses installation and alternative media to create projects that explore contemporary themes surrounding self-awareness and identity. Utilizing oil paint and found objects on canvas, Liberati seeks to revisit forgotten and fragmented memories from childhood. Valdez’s oil paintings explore the figure in a versatile representation of possibilities around the issues of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and identity. 


Design for Hope

Chalice Bartsch-Bailley has been selected from in an array of artists to participate in a private event hosted by ThincSavannah. Half of the proceeds go to the 'Design for Hope' foundation in preparation for building schools in south Africa. 

Opening night is Friday, April 24th 2015, 6 to 9 pm



The group exhibition ‘Hunny,’ features work from Sarah Pizzi, Lauren Pizzi, Julie Miller, Mariah Howington, and Chalice Bartsch-Bailey. These five extremely accomplished women work on capturing that which is often considered unobtainable - to bridge the separation between the individual experience and the intent to share that experience with others. From romantic encounters to the spiritual, to long-suffered illnesses and physical abuse, their artwork explores the realities of the individual, and invites you, in turn, to experience them yourself.

'Hunny,' was hosted by Cabela Allure Salon, Savannah, GA