That moment you kiss after a fight,

And there’s still a surge of lighting between your lips


That moment you realize you love someone,

More than you ever thought was real


That moment where every fabric, every door knob, every chair

Has some wonderfully nauseating fun fact


That moment when you truly feel like you’ve known this person your entire life,

But the inevitable repetitious days makes them, shift


That moment you wake from dreaming of how they touched you,

Just to hold the memory


That moment you can still feel the trace of their fingers

On your arms

Your lips

Your neck

Your thigh


That moment you see new lines on their face,

That, no longer see You 


That moment you kiss,

And you notice, spite


That moment when you officially know what you shared is dead,

But your too scared to take an exit


That moment you realize you’re the only one in the game,

because you don’t want too loose


That moment in a fit of anxiety you hear a clock

ticking down the hours of the days your apart,

Because once again your alone


That moment you find your yourself caressing your own face,

To chase the memory of callouses from their hands


That moment you wake up on the couch after a night of liquid libations

Because the cushions felt like a hug from a loving parent


That moment when seconds need to be longer,

just so that you can hear the crack in their voice when they smile


That moment where you feel the emptiness in every embrace,

Like an iron pressing to a board, a lifeless daily routine


That moment you catch yourself smiling,

because you found a whiff of their sent on your clothes

Which dictates the rest of your day


That moment you realize you’ve cried more than you’ve eaten,


This week

This month

This year


That moment you look in the mirror and see this vessel

That’s wearing your skin


That moment you realize you’re the one holding the tiger,

And the ticking finally stops